Are Project Main St. grants limited to ALS patients?

Yes, ALS is often referred to as an “Orphan Disease” because it does not garner the attention or funding that many other worthy causes receive. With 5500 new patients being diagnosed with ALS each year and given the uniquely cruel nature of the disease we are compelled to focus our efforts toward assisting ALS patients and their families.

How does Project Main St. identify beneficiaries?

ALS patients and their families’ needs are made known to us through referrals from healthcare professionals, social workers, case managers, nurses and therapists. This process helps to confirm eligibility for assistance and allows us to respond quickly to applicants’ requests. It also assures our donors that their contributions are helping those who need it the most.

Can someone other than a healthcare provider refer a person in need to you?

Yes, absolutely. If you are in need of assistance yourself or have a friend, family member or neighbor facing financial hardship you may contact Project Main St. directly.

Does Project Main St. determine what the expenses can be paid with the grants issued?

No, We understand that every family has different financial responsibilities and priorities. We do not dictate how grants are spent.

How does Project Main St. determine the size of the grants?

Ideally, grants should be issued solely based on need but the reality is that Project Main St. is a volunteer organization with limited resources. Our funding comes entirely from individual and corporate contributions and as such, our ability to issue grants is based on both need and availability.

How do Individual Fundraisers work?

In some cases where a grant is not possible or sufficient to meet the needs of a recipient, Project Main Street will help to organize a fundraiser for him or her. Our event planners will work with you to plan a fundraising event that suits your needs and help you to utilize your existing network of friends, family and neighbors. We provide the seed money and expertise needed for a successful event.

Are contributions to Project Main St. tax deductible?

Yes, Project Main St. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.