• Project Main St. helps both low income and middle income individuals and families and is committed by its Mission to helping those who are experiencing financial challenges as a direct result of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).
  • Referrals may come from a member of the ALS patient’s medical team (healthcare professionals, social workers, case managers, nurses, therapists, etc.), from a family member or friend, or from the patient him/herself.
  • The potential recipient must be presently followed by a healthcare provider who is informed about his or her condition.
  • Project Main St. staff will call the contact person in order to collect certain information regarding the potential recipient’s medical condition and to obtain some background information. All information requested is strictly confidential and required in order for us to process the application as well as to assure our donors and other constituents that due diligence is taken before assistance is granted.

Initiate a Referral

To initiate a referral please email the following information to and a staff member will respond promptly:

  • Your Name & relationship to the ALS patient that you are referring
  • Your email address, mailing address phone number
  • Referral’s name, address & phone number