Congratulations to David Gibson & Lauren Szczerba for completing the 26.2 mile NYC Marathon and helping to raise $25,000 for ALS patients and their families!

As promised – 100% of the monies raised were distributed by Project Main St to ALS patients in need. The $25,000 in grants included:

• $5,000 to a family of 5 for a handicapped accessible van

• $8,000 to a 66 year old woman cared for by her daughter for a home health aide

• $5,000 to a police officer, who recently suffered a dangerous fall, for bathroom renovations to allow wheelchair access

• $4,000 to a New Jersey couple for medication and other medical expenses

• $3,000 to a Long Island family for medical equipment

Thank you to David & Lauren and to everyone who donated. You have sent a message to those families living with ALS that they are not alone in their struggle with this devastating disease.